Demographic shifts
Demographic developments have a big impact on how we live with each other and how we relate to each other. An ageing population, urbanisation and rising migration. Those transitions? They started a long time ago all over the world.

For tomorrow’s people. Van Doorne.

Van Doorne knows that an ageing population has implications for healthcare. Hospitals are already joining forces to cope with the demand for care. Technological developments offer opportunities for coping with the pressures on healthcare. Companies that respond to this will be indispensable and successful.

Van Doorne’s lawyers are leaders in the sector. Years of experience have taught us the crucial importance of a project-based approach for providing solutions to both current and future challenges. Van Doorne negotiates contracts between insurers and hospitals, organises mergers and acquisitions, and guides investments in the development of new technologies. We advise healthcare institutions on the construction of new sites and the increasingly relevant issue of the protection of patients’ privacy.

The demographic transition is not limited to Healthcare & Life Sciences. Demographic developments will also have an impact on our pension system. How do we keep this equitable and balanced? And how do we deal with the rising demand for people and resources in a sustainable way? Digitisation, scaling-up and immigration might provide solutions, but how do we do that successfully and in a way that brings people together rather than being divisive?

All these challenges require innovative thinking, a long-term vision and perseverance. At Van Doorne, we don’t think in terms of areas of law, practice groups or clusters. We offer a holistic, problem-driven approach. Our advice is creative and, where necessary, out of the box. This is how we ensure that these transitions are fertile ground for our clients’ success.