Climate change and resource scarcity
We depend on our planet. Nonetheless, we ask too much of it. Natural resources are being depleted, biodiversity is declining, and food scarcity is increasing. In 2030, the demand for energy will be 50 per cent higher than it is today. The climate will change even more violently. We must adapt.

For tomorrow’s world. Van Doorne.

Van Doorne operates from the knowledge that the world is in transition and has set up its office accordingly. We recognise that the world is becoming more complex, the status quo is fleeting, and the legal playing field is in flux. Calls from the market and the government to become more sustainable will increase, and demands will be made for the smarter use of our natural resources. Social expectations are rising. This provides companies with excellent opportunities to gain a competitive edge. Companies that embrace the sustainability transition are tomorrow’s winners.

We guide our clients through the processes and transitions they are going through. We do this because we believe in long-lasting relationships; personal contact, a long-term vision and knowledge sharing are what we stand for. Van Doorne does not think in terms of areas of law, we look for solutions together with you to achieve sustainable business operations. Leaving the familiar behind and seeking out the unknown requires boldness and ambition. Together with our clients, we make that happen.

Van Doorne assists its clients in building new infrastructures for the energy supply of the future. We are your advisor when construction projects clash with nitrogen targets, or when you want to identify potential liabilities and mitigate risks. Van Doorne has extensive experience in setting up, adapting and modernising governance regimes and embedding ESG-related issues in organisations. We act as your strategic partner in establishing joint ventures, making investments and entering into new collaborations to achieve innovation and sustainability. We assist you in legal proceedings so that you can achieve your goals or defend your position.