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    Dominique Geerts


    Dominique advises, negotiates and litigates about all facets of intellectual property law. She has experience with (i.a.) interim relief proceedings, proceedings on the merits, attachment proceedings, inspection requests and domain name arbitrations and has an additional focus on IP contracting, such as by establishing and drafting licensing structures. Additionally, Dominique focusses on unfair commercial practices, media law and commercial contracts with an emphasis on IP. She advises both international and national clients from various industries and mainly has experience with NGO’s, (luxury) consumer goods, retail, media & technology.

    Creative. Client-driven. Down to earth.

    Dominique obtained her bachelors degree in law at the University of Utrecht. During her degree she studied at the Australian National University in Canberra for a semester. After the exchange she started her masters in European Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. Dominique discovered her passion for intellectual property law during various internships and decided to follow extra courses and to write her master thesis on intellectual property law.

    Intellectual Property & Media