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    Van Doorne assists with legal merger of Atrium and Orbis hospitals

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  • On 1 January 2015 the Atrium and Orbis hospitals legally merged. Van Doorne’s Healthcare team advised the hospitals on the governance, employee participation and permits issues in this process.

    The team also assisted with the financing and re-financing of the merger organisation and negotiations with the banks involved. On 31 December 2014 the merger was effected by the civil-law notary from Van Doorne.

    The new Atrium-Orbis hospital wants to guarantee the quality of healthcare in the Parkstad and Westelijke Mijnstreek regions for the future by joining forces. They can now continue as a single healthcare organisation, with the goal of bringing healthcare in the Zuid-Limburg area to an even higher level.

    The team from Van Doorne comprised Marg Janssen, Roel Botter, Robert CollenteurBarbara VoermansDimitri van Hoewijk, Geert DreseAnna MarsIvanka van HasselJeske Remmers and Jan Willem Reesink.