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    Successful event: ICT seminar 'Flexibilization in the ICT sector’

    On Wednesday, 25 November 2015, the ICT Seminar 'Flexibilization in the ICT sector' took place at Van Doorne. The seminar, organized by Van Doorne in collaboration with Accenture and KPN, focused on recent developments in the area of flexible working in the ICT sector.

    After a word of welcome by Marjolijn Lips, partner Employment Law at Van Doorne, Pim Willems of Accenture spoke about the flexible workforce. He described from an operational perspective the choices that companies have to make when they are faced with a sudden peak in the workload. He argued that a sudden increase in the workload should be approached as a project, a project that can be executed by an internal or an external flexible layer. He outlined the benefits of outsourcing to an external flexible layer. The audience's response in a poll based on a proposition showed that the majority was enthusiastic about the project-driven approach.

    Next, Robbie Bracke of KPN spoke about the deployment of flexible workforce at KPN and the choices KPN makes with regard to the deployment of own personnel, external personnel or temporary personnel, or the outsourcing of processes and the factors relevant to this. He also said that the automation trend impacts the deployment of own and other personnel. This led to a lively discussion among those present about their own experiences with outsourcing.

    Finally, Marjolijn Lips gave a presentation on the various possibilities to achieve flexibility among own personnel or by setting up  an external flexible layer. She emphasized the importance of good personnel policies with regard to the internal flexible layer. Next, she discussed the issues in this respect within the ICT sector and the various structures for hiring flexible workers, such as temporary workers, self-employed workers, on-call workers and payrolling. She described pitfalls of the various scenarios – including those arising from the Work and Security Act – and practical suggestions for dealing with them. At the end of the seminar, the majority of those present concluded that flexibilization was not a declining trend, but a remaining option  that  should be embraced, although some associated social issues must still be resolved.  

    The interactive afternoon with much discussion among the participants was concluded with a successful get-together.

    Do you have more questions about flexibilization within (or outside) the ICT sector? Please contact Marjolijn Lips.

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