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    PhD for Martijn Nolen – thesis ‘The administrator in Education’ – 17 February 2017

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  • Martijn Nolen will receive his doctoral degree on 17 February 2017 at the Vrije Universiteit after defending his thesis entitled “The administrator in education”.

    In this thesis, Martijn Nolen considers the position of the director in education. He discusses the core legal concepts in education that are relevant for administrators, public law supervision, private law as an assessment framework, the theme of cooperation in education and the appointment, remuneration and dismissal of individual administrators. On the basis of these matters, he analyses the legal position of the administrator and the obligations of educational organisations. The research shows how the accountability risks of educational organisations have increased in the past thirty years and how the position of administrators in all educational sectors has become more vulnerable. This process is partially reinforced by the introduction of more new duties of care and the increasing intensity of external supervision.

    Martijn Nolen concludes that the legal standards framework in all sectors of education is no longer transparent to educational organisations, their administrators and third parties. A hundred years after article 23 of the Constitution was passed, this has sharply limited the autonomy of public and special educational organisations and their directors. The author indicates that it is legitimate that administrators appeal to the administrative autonomy of legal persons and that they refer to the value of autonomy under education law on behalf of their educational organisations.

    Martijn Nolen (1977) has worked at Van Doorne since 2004 and advises educational organisations (from childcare to universities), industry organisations and governments. He has also been a university instructor since 2016 at the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law at Utrecht University

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