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    Legal Guide for real estate in the Netherlands

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  • This legal guide provides an introduction to Dutch real estate law. It serves as a practical guideline for real estate transactions and financing in the Netherlands.

    As we say in the Netherlands: Onbekend maakt onbemind (Unknown, unloved). Some readers of this legal guide may be familiar with the Dutch real estate market, but in addition to knowledge of the real estate market at large, a working knowledge of Dutch real estate law is essential in order to operate on the Dutch real estate market. This legal guide is intended to provide you with that working knowledge.

    Dutch law has certain particularities compared with other legal systems, such as Common Law systems. Under Dutch law, for instance, agreements need not be recorded in writing; oral agreements are also binding, with a few exceptions regarding consumer sales. Also, the literal text of the contract is not decisive and restrictions apply to the unilateral termination of negotiations.

    Download the Legal Guide in English. 

    Download the Legal Guide in German.

    Mark Moolhuizen

    Partner, Lawyer

    Mark is a very experienced expert in the area of private construction law and property law. He specifically focuses on complex projects, in which authorities as well as private parties are involved: public-private partnership. Mark is engaged in the construction industry, the infrastructure sector, the energy sector, the healthcare sector, the project development sector and the property sector. 

    Annerie Ploumen

    Partner, Civil-Law Notary

    Annerie specializes in property and financing of this property. She assists companies with Dutch and international property transactions, financing, refinancing and project development, including preparing and drafting turnkey agreements and all other types of property (and other) agreements. In addition, Annerie advises companies on preparing, formulating and carrying out national and international tenders, as well as on structuring and setting up property funds and preparing and drafting the related financing documents.

    Rob de Win

    Partner, Tax, Lawyer

    Rob is a highly experienced, internationally recommended tax specialist. He furnishes advice on tax matters in the Real Estate and Mergers and Acquisitions practice group, including with regard to management participation schemes, internal reorganizations, business successions, and real estate and related transactions and projects. In addition, Rob (together with Saskia Laseur and Jasper Leedekerken) is a member of the Van Doorne management team.

    Cees Kniestedt

    Partner, Lawyer

    Cees is a highly experienced authority on Property, with special interests in physical planning, real estate, environmental law, project development and construction law. Cees acts primarily for authorities and real estate professionals.

    Stefan van Rossum

    Partner, Lawyer

    Stefan is a financing transactions specialist with lots of experience. He heads Van Doorne’s Restructuring and Insolvency team, and provides advice to banks and investors (including several of the world’s largest hedge funds) on Dutch and international restructuring. Moreover, he has developed outstanding skills relating to acquisitions and other corporate and project financing transactions.