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    Kindcentra 2020: integral forms of education and childcare

    On 9 October 2015, Kindcentra 2020 (Childcentres 2020) presented the result of an investigation into the possibility of integral forms of education and childcare. The book is presented to the chairperson of the Socio-Economic Council Ms Mariëtte Hamer in the presence of several hundred guests including several Members of Parliament.

    The investigation performed for the project Kindcentra 2020, which took more than one year, focused on making it clear for several topics what is needed to be able to combine childcare and education better and more easily. These topics include issues in the area of accommodation, terms and conditions of employment, pedagogics, finance, and the legislation and regulations that are related to education and childcare.

    Saskia Laseur and Jochem Streefkerk together with Paul Zoontjes (Professor of Education Law at Tilburg University) co-wrote the legal chapter of the book that was presented on 9 October. At various meetings, we explored the possibilities and impossibilities of current legislation and regulations and mapped out an addition to the childcare and educational system. The essence of this addition is to make it possible that childcare and educational organisations are operated from a single legal person and to make it possible, subject to conditions, that the distinction between a school and a childcare centre ceases to exist and that they become an integral child centre.

    The integration and enrichment of education and childcare advocated by Kindcentra 2020 focuses on combating developmental delays in children and increasing labour participation on the part of parents, among other issues. Van Doorne supported these social objectives by contributing to the project.

    For more information, please contact Saskia Laseur or Jochem Streefkerk.