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    DNB focusses on IT-complexity and vulnerability: time to act!

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  • With the increased focus on disruptive FinTech solutions, one would almost forget that financial companies also still face challenges in dealing with their IT sourcing strategy. It is for sure that IT Outsourcing and IT Shared Services offer opportunities, but how to convert these into real benefits? And how to prevent that the inevitable risks become barriers to engage in any IT Outsourcing or IT Shared Services scheme.

    2015 will prove to be a challenging year in this respect. The complexity of IT environments increases and information security and the vulnerability for cybercrime have become highly business-critical discussion topics. It is not a coincidence that De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the Dutch supervisory authority for financial institutions and the financial market, has identified said complexity and vulnerability as key topics for their supervisory activities in 2015. So this is the time for financial companies to get their act straight.

    Van Doorne's multidisciplinary IT Sourcing/Financial Supervision Team adds value by assisting its financial sector clients in identifying and managing the risks and increasing their chance to enjoy the benefits typically associated with IT outsourcing and IT shared services in the financial sector. Do you want to know more? Please see our flyer on IT Outsourcing & IT Shared Services in the Financial Sector, or contact Arno Voerman or Louis Jonker.