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    Disciplinary rules for bankers: a challenge for banker and bank alike

    The seminar on "Disciplinary Rules for Banks" was held on Tuesday 26 May 2015, organised by the Foreign Bankers' Association in partnership with Van Doorne.

    The aim was to create stimulating dialogue about the possible implications and sticking points of the recently introduced disciplinary rules for bankers. We succeeded in that aim: representatives from the big banks as well as niche players got actively involved in the debate. Guest speaker Hubert Schokker from NVB set the ball rolling, discussing how the disciplinary regulations came into being and the choices that were made along the way.

    In their talk Simone Hoogeveen and Sjoerd Kamerbeek from Van Doorne then discussed how disciplinary rules could be a prelude to civil (class action) claims, hence any disciplinary complaints received must be handled tactically. Finally, Els de Wind and Constant van Tuyll shared their thoughts on various employment law aspects of the disciplinary rules for banks, such as the option of dismissal when disciplinary sanctions are imposed. A follow-up session is already being planned.