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    Amsterdam is the Dutch HealthTech start-up leader

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  • On 21 April 2016 KPMG Innovative Startups and Volta Ventures presented their joint research in which they concluded that Amsterdam leads the race with regard to the quantity of digital health start-ups in the Netherlands. Amsterdam as HealthTech City. However, it is not a given fact that the solutions of these non-traditional market players will boost innovation in Dutch healthcare as we know it.

    According to the research over 60 non-traditional market players based in the Netherlands focus on developing new technologies concerning healthcare. Of those 60 start-ups 21 are situated in Amsterdam. The research shows that the majority of the start-ups focus on telemedicine. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide clinical health care at a distance.

    This development is not surprising as such. Healthcare reform, challenging productivity targets and increased consumer expectation is driving the healthcare ecosystem as we know it, to a major shift. Patient-driven wearable devices and other connected health solutions, modular and interconnected heathcare systems, new authorization schemes, and the use of big data and robo-diagnose services are some of the developments that provide enormous possibilities for improving healthcare as we know it nowadays. However, at the same time the adoption of these technological innovations calls for solutions for various legal challenges (distance contracting, smart contracting, risk allocation, data protection etc.) and for new ways of partnering between traditional and non-traditional market players (public-private partnering, equity partnering etc.).

    Van Doorne's Healthcare & Life Sciences Team is renowned for its long-lasting experience in advising clients on various legal challenges, including multiple healthcare and technology providers in all care and cure sectors. We focus amongst others on HealthTech by means of a dedicated team combining regulatory, IT, data protection and M&A expertise and experience. All to make sure that our clients, amongst others digital health startups, are equipped to face any challenges in the healthcare sector where informed and demanding patients are partners in their own healthcare. Please contact Louis Jonker or Pascal van Zweden in case we could be of assistance.