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    Mediation focuses not so much on the legal side of a case and on ‘being proved right’ but more on the parties’ underlying interests. Together with you, our experienced lawyers - who are also Mfn-registered mediators - will specifically look for an acceptable and permanent solution for everyone involved. 

    Room for negotiations?

    You have a conflict with an individual or an organisation. Will you resort to the court or will you try to resolve the dispute in consultation? Is there still room for (more) negotiations? What would be the best setting for those negotiations? Would the dispute qualify for mediation or for another method of alternative disputes settlement?

    Preparatory advice and guidance during mediation

    Our mediation team consists of experienced lawyers and mediators. We can offer you advice about the choice of mediation, we prepare you for mediation and assist you during the mediation process with regard to, for instance, industrial conflicts, business conflicts and many types of multi-party conflicts.

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