How can we assist you?


    If you are ever confronted with a claim for liability or if you have to recover the losses yourself, Van Doorne’s multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of liability law and dispute settlement will assist you.

    Preventing a claim

    A mistake is easily made, also at your professional organisation, by you as a professional or in your position of director or supervisory director. You may be confronted with claims from clients, buyers, creditors, shareholders or others, whether you made a mistake or not.  A claim puts pressure on you, which is often accompanied by media attention.

    Maximum result

    At the (joint) request of liability insurers, we often assist lawyers, accountants, civil-law notaries, tax consultants, receivers, patent agents, directors and supervisory directors. We also represent businesses with regard to faulty product claims or services provided. Our team has an unparalleled and thorough knowledge of liability law and dispute settlement. At the same time, we look for practical solutions in order to prevent a potential dispute.

    More information

    If you want to find out more about how Van Doorne can assist you, please contact Walter Hendriksen.

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