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    Arbitration is the administration of law by arbitrators. The parties can determine where the arbitration takes place, who the arbitrators are, what the language of litigation is and which procedural rules apply. Tailor-made proceedings, resulting in a binding award.

    The advantages of arbitration

    Arbitration has various advantages. One of them is the fact that it will result in an arbitration award that is easy to enforce at home and abroad. Another is that the parties can agree on confidentiality, preventing your dispute from becoming public knowledge.

    In the case of arbitration, it often concerns major interests and complex, at times technical issues. It is, therefore, important for you to be assisted by our lawyers who are able to understand your business operations, who get to the core of the issue fast and who know how to play the arbitration game.

    Maximum result

    Thanks to years of experience with negotiating arbitration clauses, conducting national and international arbitration proceedings in commercial and business-law disputes for various arbitration institutes (ICC, NAI, DIS, LCIA) and our expertise in the field of the acknowledging and enforcing arbitration awards and the related attachment proceedings, we know exactly how to achieve a maximum result with arbitration.

    We take our cue from what is important to your business and we will do anything to prevent your business operations from being interrupted by arbitration proceedings. After all, such proceedings are not an end in themselves.

    More information

    If you want to find out more about how Van Doorne can assist you in an arbitration case, please contact us without any obligation.