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    Welcome to the investigations team

    Van Doorne is the law firm engaged by ITV Plc to conduct an external investigation into, in short, circumstances concerning The Voice of Holland (TVOH).

    Every TVOH report that comes in via the Van Doorne SpeakUp line is treated and assessed with the greatest possible care and complete confidentiality. Everybody who submits a report is provided with a confirmation of receipt. Subsequently, in the interest of the person coming forward, an assessment is first made as to whether the report potentially concerns a criminal offence. In that case, the person concerned is always expressly made aware of the possibility of filing a report with the police. After this assessment has been made and the options have been considered, the experts of our team shall give a substantive response to all reports.

    You have the option to make a report via the link below:

    N.B: the investigation has entered into a new phase. The Van Doorne Speak-Up line will therefore gradually be closed. It will not be possible to make new reports after 15 June 2022, and from 29 June 2022 the Van Doorne Speak-Up line will be completely closed. Reporters will not be able to log in after this date. If you wish to make a report or provide us with more information, we kindly ask you to do this before the closure of the Van Doorne Speak-Up line. For more information, please be referred to the press statement issued by ITV on 3 June 2022 (link).

    Frequently asked questions and answers for reporters/potential victims about Van Doorne research for ITV can be consulted here.

    The Privacy Statement - Van Doorne SpeakUp Line in the context of research into possible inappropriate behaviour around The Voice of Holland, The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior can be viewed here.

    The Public Prosecutor's Office and Van Doorne have made agreements on the delineation of the respective investigations. These agreements can be consulted here.