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    Impact investments

    Van Doorne really wants to make a difference with Impact Investments. Not only by lending our financial support to organisations, but also by sharing knowledge and information. Developing a product or service together and helping towards implementing new ideas. Our aim is to reach sustainable and long-term solutions, giving both parties opportunities to learn and to grow.

    If you are a representative of an organisation and you would like to submit an Impact Investment suggestion, please complete this form and send it by e-mail to The preconditions stated below will help you verify whether your idea might qualify for Impact Investment.

    1 Impact Investment is a solution that will deal with the underlying cause of a problem, instead of with its impact. That means we shall commit to parties who avoid problems or who tackle the root causes of a problem.

    2 The challenge that requires a solution could either be locally or nationally, but should always be related to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

    3 Up to a maximum of ten Van Doorne staff may be involved in the project and the solution will always comprise a combination of the deployment of staff and financial support.

    4 The term of an Impact Investment is two years. We should be able to achieve a relevant and measurable result within that timeframe.  The beneficiary shall report on (the progress and) the final result.

    5 Van Doorne does not support individuals; political or religious organisations; sports/projects which are dangerous or detrimental to the environment; organisations that are continuously dependent on our firm for financial support; parties or other events of a similar nature.

    The sponsor committee will only process fully completed forms. The committee will assess all applications and make a choice biennially. The current Impact Investment runs from March 2018 till March 2020.